Crayon Philosophy

There are times, that I think that a crayon box approach to philosophy, ethics, religious views, etc. is a necessary approach.  It is as though Freud is perhaps the red crayon – and it can be correct when red is needed. And perhaps Aristotle is green, which is correct when green is needed, but incorrect when coloring a blue summer sky.  Then there are moments when white is needed (or the combination of all of the above) when the parts of their theories completely blend harmoniously the way that white blends all colors.  Also there are times when black must be used because none of the current theories or doctrines line up and perhaps none of them are completely accurate at that given moment.  Also, there are times when the theories are different, but equally true, and this creates a rainbow – which is interestingly the symbol that God used for peace.

I am not saying that all theories are true, nor am I saying that all theories are wrong.  More on this later.

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